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Kenneth Almedilla

This guy does not need any testimonials to reaffirm how excellent he
is as a driving instructor but I will make him one anyway just to show
my appreciation to his never ending support and encouragement he has
showed me throughout my journey to become a professional and safe
driver that I am now. I was a nervous wreck before I met Tony. A year
ago, I would not even touch a steering wheel let alone drive through
the crazy streets of Southampton. Fast forward to last week and I am
still a nervous wreck but with a renewed confidence of myself because
that’s what Tony does to you. He highlights your positive progress
and he makes you feel that you can do it. I was a handful student but
he does not make you feel bad when you make mistakes. Where he gets
his bottomless patience, I don’t know. What I do know is that if you
give him a miss and go to some cheaper instructor instead then I think
you will regret it. I passed my driving exam the first time! It
doesn’t get any better than that, does it? In my journey to
professional driving with Tony, I did not only gained back my
confidence, I also gained a good friend. Thank you so much Tony for
believing in me. So onwards and upwards my darlings!