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Ciaran Woodward


Just passed first time with one minor, all thanks to the great lessons from Tony! He was very patient and provided fantastic feedback every lesson, along with plenty of helpful tips for passing. Felt like very good value for money as the lessons were very full on with no waiting about, and by the end I felt very confident driving around and doing every manoeuvre. Tony was also always great at replying to messages and was always on time for our scheduled slots, even with changing pickup location. The car was easy to drive and was a friendly and relaxed learning environment. Definitely recommend Tony if you’re looking to learn how to drive!

Annabelle Wright

I am a student at Southampton University and have been learning to
drive with Tony for the last couple of months. He was very flexible
with times and pick-up locations and was always on time. Lessons were
so much fun I didn’t realise I was learning but clearly I was as I
passed 1st time. I went from a nervous wreck to someone who now loves
driving. Thank you so much Tony. I believe if you can get me through
my driving test you can get anyone through. I can’t recommend you
highly enough.

Leah Howton

I can’t thank Tony enough for all the help and support he’s
provided. I was a very nervous and worried driver before I switched
driving instructors to Tony, however he reassured me right up until my
test and built my confidence massively. Every lesson I learnt a lot
and the feedback was very useful and helpful when moving forward.
There was also always a nice atmosphere for a good chat when learning
and asking many questions. Thankyou for always being so patient and
understanding and encouraging me every lesson. I couldn’t have done
it without you and I would recommend Tony to anyone!

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