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Get local news from DSA – update your subscription preferences

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is going to be making more local news available by email alerts.

How to get local news

To get local news for your area, you need to update you subscription preferences.

  1. Click this link to go to your subscriber preferences
  2. If prompted, enter your email address and password
  3. Click on the ‘Questions’ heading
  4. Tell us which areas you want local news for – you can tick as many as you want
  5. Click submit at the bottom of the page

Help us personalise your emails

You can also give your first name on the page. This will let us personalise the emails we send to you.

Acting on your feedback

DSA’s email subscribers have said that they like getting news by email. However, they want local information too. So, we’re making these changes to give more information that’s relevant to where you live