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Message 1
From: Driving Standards Agency <>
Date: Aug, Tue 16 2011 21:10 +0100 (BST)
Subject: DSA’s latest tweets from Twitter

DSA’s latest tweets from Twitter

Here are the latest tweets from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA):

16-08-2011 05:37 PM BST
DSAgovuk: Update for ADIs and learner drivers in Enfield:

16-08-2011 04:29 PM BST
DSAgovuk: RT @transportgovuk: What regulatory enforcement regs do you want simplified or scrapped? Tell us by taking part in the #RedTapeChallenge …

16-08-2011 01:23 PM BST
DSAgovuk: There’s still time to enter our ‘show me, tell me’ #competition on Facebook.


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