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An interview with an officially retired car thief backs up statistics that say the Ford Ka3 is the least stolen car in Britain, with data from reporting no thefts among nearly 10,000 owners in the last seven years.

It seems car thieves are very specific about which cars they want to steal and which they’ll ignore and, it seems, the Ford city car is at the bottom of their wishlist. Which is good news for owners at least.

It seems car thieves, like the rest of us, tend to favour flasher, faster and more prestigious vehicles where possible, Confused’s security expert and ex car thief Michael Fraser saying the Ka lacks the necessary street cred.

Which doesn’t explain why the Toyota Yaris tops the chart of the most stolen cars according to’s records of vehicles on which they’ve had more than 5,000 requests for quotes.

The Yaris stands out among the Volkswagen Touareg and Volvo XC90 SUVs also favoured by thieves, big, strong 4x4s apparently favoured for ram raiding duties while the Porsche 911 is another popular steal for both its high value and performance prestige.

Fraser meanwhile offers a number of tips to help you avoid losing your car or its contents. Much is common sense stuff like tidying away valuables and making sure your keys are kept in a safe place in your home.

Others are less known, such as turning your wheels towards the kerb or an adjacent car (in regular car park bays) to make it harder to tow away. Distinctive or personalised cars are also less likely to get stolen due to them being highly recognisable.