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From 18 October bus, coach and lorry drivers holding a British paper driving licence are asked to exchange it for a photocard licence in order to receive their driver qualification card (DQC) at no cost.

The DQC proves that a driver holds the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) which professional bus, coach and lorry drivers must now legally hold in addition to their driving licence.

Drivers with a photocard licence will receive their DQC automatically, as the same photograph can be used for both documents. While drivers will still have to pay the usual £20 photocard licence fee, they will benefit from receiving their DQC free of charge, which could save them up to £30 over the 10 year photocard licence period.

Rosemary Thew, DSA chief executive said:

“We’re urging drivers to exchange their paper licence sooner rather than later. As well as saving money, drivers holding a photocard licence will receive their DQC automatically when they have passed the Driver CPC initial qualification or completed 35 hours of periodic training.”

Those drivers leaving the exchange of their licence until after they have completed their training may risk a delay in receiving their DQC.

Drivers can apply to exchange their licence online or by post or they can drop off their application at DVLA local offices and selected Post Office® branches. For more information on how to exchange your paper licence visit