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Chevrolet have replaced the Matiz with the Spark back in 2009, but there are plenty second hand ones to choose from. Low price and cute looks has the girls queuing up for this one.

The Toyota Aygo is ideal for a city run-around, and good on fuel consumption. With only a 1.0-litre engine it tends to struggle on motorways, and does get a bit noisy.

Fun to drive around town and prices starting under £8000 the Kia Picanto is a good idea. The larger 1.25-litre engine comes with the stop-start function. And with a seven year warranty you can’t really go wrong.

Peugeot 107, low in price, and looking good! Launched seven years ago, it is the French Toyota Aygo. It has all the same advantages, but unfortunately all the same drawbacks, especially on the motorway.

A ladies favourite, the Tigra from Vauxhall can be found used for less than £2000. This budget coupe-cabriolet is ideal for the girls in summer, but be aware of the insurance premium for the 1.8-litre model.

Love them or loathe them the Mini Cooper is firmly in the top 20 list of female favourites. Sporty and stylish, it’s no surprise to see why this is so popular. When you encounter them on the road they don’t even think they own it, unlike drivers of other BMW models!

Based roughly on the Fiat 500, the Ford Ka is far better than it’s Italian friend. Go for the Zetec trim as equipment levels are low on the base models.

The Fiat 500 with its funny looks and tinny interior would look at home in a Tuscan village. There is the option of the folding-top Convertible, this boasts slightly more Italian pizzazz.

Full of style and German reliability, and so cute with it, the New Beetle from Volkswagen has everything you could ask for in a car. With new sporty models available, and extra power with the Turbo version.

The most popular car among Britain’s females is………………………………………The Figaro from Nissan. Top in the cute charts, and never officially sold in this country, with only 20,000 manufactured, it may one day be a sound investment!