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Luke Cromar

Decided to go for the intensive driving course and after the
assessment I was given an accurate amount of hours to practice.
Brilliant instructor that put me at ease from the minute I sat in the
Would recommend. Thanks


I passed first time with Tony! An excellent instructor and a real
laugh as well, which made learning to drive a fun experience. Thanks

From: Conor Smith

Message: Passed first time with Tony, very good instructor.
Patient and willing to give you the extra help needed to get you to test standard.

From: Alice

Message: Very good driving instructor, makes you feel at ease. Passed first time!

From: Grant

Message: I would like to recommend Tony as a driving instructor. I had previously
had 2 other instructors. 1 who just took me round the same roads every
lesson and the other would spend most of the lesson showing me pictures
about how to do things and we would only drive for about 30 minutes and it
was a two hour lesson. Tony had a guarnatee that if i did not pass first
time he would pay for my next test. This helped take away alot of the
pressure for me and helped me pass first time. If Tony is prepared to pay
his own money I know he really wanted me to pass. His teaching is a very
good technique, making it easy to understand and do. On a 2 hour lesson we
would drive for nearly all of it. I really think you should all choose to
have him as your driving instructor because he wants you to pass so he
doesnt have to pay for your next test. Im going to do pass plus with Tony.