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We have all seen the adverts for comparison websites on the television for insurance and banking. There are also websites that compare driving lessons in Southampton as well as other areas. Unfortunately not all of these sites are what they appear to be. There is a certain driving school company you all will have heard of, named after a certain colour, that has tens of these so called comparison websites all with different names, so you would have no idea they were conected, but the only thing is, they do not actually do any comparing. What will happen is as soon as you enter your details on their site you will receive a phone call and will be told that the best price in your area is that driving school named after a certain colour. If you ask for any information on other driving schools in the area, you will be told something along the lines that their system only shows up the driving school with the best price. They also tell you that you will be driving for the full two hours, going over test routes and manoeuvres, a very impressive promise, especially if you have never been behind a wheel before!

Now I’m not telling you that all instructors at the driving school named after a certain colour are going to rip you off, or aren’t good at their job, but a comparison site should do what it says and compare. Try it for yourself. On a google search for driving lessons in southampton, they are usually headed “£9 Driving Lessons”.

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