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If you are planning a trip abroad, the thought of driving on the right hand side of the road for the first time can be a very daunting prospect.

Whether you will be driving your own car, or hiring a left hand drive when you are there, we can provide lessons in France and Belgium to teach you the rules and regulations of driving on the continent.

The lesson will be a very long day starting with a drive to Folkestone to the EuroTunnel, on the way you will gain invaluable experience on some of this countries busiest motorways including the M25. Once there you will drive on to the EuroTunnel train, and we will take the 35 minute journey to Calais. On arrival you will drive off the train and begin your experience with driving on the right. If you wish to use a right hand drive, then we will continue our journey on to the motorways of France.

If you wish to use a left hand drive, we will pick up your hire car and continue in to France. We will spend the majority of the day driving through France and Belgium on a variety of different roads gaining invaluable experience of driving abroad.

You will be given a pack on the rules and regulations of driving abroad including what is required to be carried by law.

For prices and dates please call on 07393215633/02380553354 or email:

These courses are only available to full licence holders, but can be done in line with Pass Plus.

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